Weight Loss Plan and Hypnotic Gastric Band


With a weight loss programme which is personally tailored to you, hypnotherapy will guide you into a healthy lifestyle resulting in PERMANENT weight loss and leaving you full of vitality.

If you have tried lots of different diets you may be wondering  why you have not managed to acheive the results you desire. Many people believe they are doing all the right things to lose weight by focussing on calorie intake, categorising foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, eliminating certain food groups from their diet and ignoring their body’s cravings.

Alternatively, some people struggling to lose weight may be aware that their eating behaviours are unhealthy but feel that they are unable to control them. Examples of these behaviours may be emotional eating (eating to combat boredom, lonliness, feelings of depression and so on), using food as a reward, continuing to eat even when full to prevent ‘wasting’ food. It is also not unusual for food to be eaten secretly.

Hypnotherapy weight loss sessions will redefine your relationship with food, helping you to change your behaviours and nourish your body with no need for punishing diets. You can reach your goal weight healthily and happily!


The hypnotic gastric band is an innovative treatment offering you all the benefits of gastric band surgery with NO RISKS! The hypnotic gastric band is completely safe and just a fraction of the price yet just as effective.

Undergoing weight loss surgery, which costs £5000-£7000 and requires up to 3 nights in hospital, puts you in danger of suffering painful and unpleasant side effects such as reflux (regurgitating food), blockage of the stomach outlet, erosion (the band can, in some cases, eat through the wall of the stomach) and blood clots on the lungs. This is in addition to the risks associated with having any surgery such as a bad reaction to anaesthetic, bleeding, infection and in extreme cases even death.

Alternatively you could choose the hypnotic gastric band treatment, which not only offers the same significant weight loss as surgery, but also addresses the causes of your weight control problem. Unlike surgery this treatment plan will change the way you view food and guide you into the happy, healthy lifestyle you deserve whilst ensuring that you will maintain the dramatic weight loss you have achieved.

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